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1922 S Smithville Rd Kettering OH 45420
Why RA Cooks?

Working with RA Cooks provides both cost savings and unmatched efficiency. Clients appreciate our insight and ability to help with every phase of their project. Before construction begins, we work with you to establish and approve a written plan of action. Not only does this set clear expectations. It allows our team to anticipate potential obstacles and avoid any added expense.

RA Cooks also offers a personal touch that is easily lost in our industry. We begin each project mindfully focusing both on the project itself, as well as life AFTER completion. In addition to being certified by many leading product manufacturers, we have training in Human Factors (HF). This means we have your health, wellness, and natural movement in mind. We optimize each space to accomplish a purpose specific to your unique lifestyle.

Partner with RA Cooks for your kitchen remodel and see what you can achieve for yourself, your loved ones, and for your home.